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Create Autorun CD Menu on portable media such as CD, DVD and USB Drive

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CDMenuPro - Add-ons

CDMenuPro software package

The CDMenuPro software package comes complete with all programs necessary for creating menus:

  • Project Assistant (for creating projects)
  • ButtonCreator (for creating graphic-based buttons)
  • The CDMenuPro software package comes complete with three text viewers:
    • The existing CDMenuPro Text Viewer (this is available for reasons of compatibility to previous versions)
    • Rich Text Viewer (for text formatted in rich text and for unformatted text [rtf, txt])
    • Html Viewer for Html documents and files
  • Bitmap Icon Converter (for creating your individual CD and menu icons)
  • Sample designs / Templates
  • ArchiveSafe (file protection)
  • Flash Player
  • Full-text Search
  • Copy Assistant
  • Documentation
  • Resource Compiler (only available with the Business Edition)
  • PowerPoint Starter (only available with the Business Edition)
  • Pdf Starter (only available with the Business Edition)

CDMenuPro Add-ons

ArchiveSafe (file protection)

Project Assistant

CDMenuPro's Project Assistant provides step-by-step assistance during the Menu creation process. This makes creating the menu framework straightforward and learning the ropes couldn't be easier.

CDMenuPro Editor

The CDMenuPro Editor makes creation of the CDMenuPro window easy. Equally simple is the definition of all window menu and icon attributes, including wallpaper, sound integration, text objects, text fields, etc. Registered users can also design the welcome screen.
Further information can be found in the Tutorial section.

Bitmap Icon Converter

The Bitmap Icon Converter allows you to import up to four bitmap images for the creation of icon files. The icons can be used as a drive icon (Autorun.inf), CDMenuPro icon in the title page as well as in the welcome screen. Users operating a website can also use the button as a favicon.
Further information on icons can be found in the Icon section.

Button Creator

Version 2.4 and above features the Button Creator, which will help you to create bit map buttons with rollover effects incredibly easily. The shape, size and color of buttons can be set to meet your individual needs. See Button Creator.

Text Viewer

The TextViewer has been developed as a disclosure tool for displaying info or help texts on "your" CD. Text can be formatted using individual HTML tags. See TextViewer


This HTML file represents most of the documentation available for CDMenuPro. Should you be reading this page offline, we recommend that you visit where you will find the most recent and complete version of the documentation.

The essential part of the CDMenuPro documentation consists in this HTML-document. When you are "Off-line" by reading this site, it is recommendable to visit the website in the internet, because you will find there the newest and absolutely entire documentation.

Resource Compiler (only in the Business Edition)

Using the Resource Compiler, the project file, wallpaper image, 4 different images of bitmap icons as well as an illustration for the welcome screen can be integrated into the Exe file.


ArchiveSafe is an add-on program for CDMenuPro that has been designed to protect sensitive data against unauthorized access. It works by encoding the files with a password of your choice, compressing them and finally by saving them in an archive file. The files within the archive can be linked directly to a CDMenuPro button. CDMenuPro also enables you to un-zip the entire archive into a target folder of your choice.

Pdf-Starter (only in the Business Edition)

CDMenuPro Pdf-Starter searches the target computer (PC of the CD user) to see if a reader is already installed and, if not, prompts the user to install Acrobat Reader. If a reader is already installed, PdfStart passes on your file to the PDF reader.

PowerPoint-Starter (only in the Business Edition)

CDMenuPro PowerPoint-Starter searches the target computer (PC of the CD user) to see if a viewer is already installed and, if not, prompts the user to install the PowerPoint Viewer. If a viewer is already installed, the PowerPoint Start passes on your file to the PPS viewer.


The CDMenuPro ResourceBrowser has been designed to administrate the menu templates and menu resources and, by selecting a template, enables a project framework to be created in just a few clicks.