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Autorun Activation

Autorun with Windows 95 / 98 / ME

If the Autorun feature is not working correctly on your system, check the system settings, or execute the respective settings.

The necessary steps for this operation are explained as follows:

  • Click on "Start - Settings - Control Panel".

Windows - Start - Settings - Control Panel

The Control Panel window is opened.

Control Panel

  • Click on "System", the window for the display of the "System Properties" opens.

  • Select registration card "Device Manager".
  • Click on CD ROM.
  • Select CD ROM drive, for which the autostart is to be activated.

System Properties

  • The window of the CD ROM properties opens
  • Select registration card "Settings".
  • Mark check box "Auto insert notification".

CD ROM properties

Close all windows. (It may be necessary to restart windows)

Checking or testing the autorun settings

The Autorun-check.exe program has been designed to allow you to check and/or alter the autorun settings on your Windows system. On Windows 95/98/ME, you can change the settings for the CD ROM drives using the control panel. This is no longer possible for Windows 2000 and above. Autorun-check.exe works by displaying the current settings for all Windows systems and offers you the opportunity to make changes or to reset the default settings.

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