Create Autorun CD Menu

Create Autorun CD Menu on portable media such as CD, DVD and USB Drive

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The file "Autorun.inf"

The Windows operating system has the feature to automatically launch a program when new media are inserted (for ex. CD ROM). The necessary information therefore is contained in the text file " Autorun.inf ".

Example of a Autorun.inf


Originally the autorun functionality was only possible for EXE files, so that an automatic launch of a document (doc, HTML txt...) was not possible. This characteristic was added by MS, but however it does not operate reliable. The autorun line: open=index.html seems to function on some systems, however on some others it doesn't.

CDMenuPro extends the functionality of autorun with a selection menu as well as with the auto-launching of documents.


The CDMenuPro word Editor copies the CDMenu ICON into the root directory of the project file. The Icon can be exchanged with your own Icon. In this case the Icon entry in the file Autorun.inf must be adapted.

You can read how to create your own Icon in the section Icons