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CD-Menu synonyms and autorun synonyms

CD-Menu Sysnonyms

The following terms are synonyms for the same software application (App):
CD Menu, CD-Menu, CDMenu, USB-Menu, Frontend Menu.

CD Menu

A CD Menu has a graphic user interface and provides an interactive way for users to navigate computer programs. It makes it possible to choose and activate a particular action from a list of possible actions without having to know or use the exact command strings in text form or keyboard shortcuts. An autorun menu is a special kind of menu that is used for CD ROMs or DVD ROMs on computers running the Windows operating system. The autorun feature of the operating system is used to open a menu window automatically when a CD is inserted into the CD drive.

Autorun Sysnonyms

The following terms are synonyms for the same software application (App):
Autorun, Autoplay, Autostart, Autorun Software, Autoplay Software, Autostart Software, Autorun Menu, Autoplay Menu, Autostart Menu

Autorun, autoplay and autostart are three different terms for the same function. When a CD is inserted into the CD ROM drive on a Windows Computer, a program is started automatically. A multi-media presentation is one of the most common uses. If the CD contains several presentations or documents, it makes good sense to start the CD with an autorun CD menu, which tells the user about the type and content of the CD and which can be used to start the presentations, documents and programs with the help of buttons.

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