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Create Autorun CD Menu on portable media such as CD, DVD and USB Drive

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What is CDMenuPro ?
CDMenuPro is an easy-to-learn, user-friendly software tool for the creation of individual menu applications. CDMenuPro features drag-&-drop which enables documents or programs to be linked with buttons, Listbox entries or pop-up menus. CDMenuPro can also be used to put together all the files needed for the Autostart feature, enabling you to create Autoplay CD menus.

Unlimited Design Possibilities
CDMenuPro allows you to design your window background and buttons just like you want them. Indeed, the design possibilities are limitless. Imagine a design, and create it with CDMenuPro.

This opens the door to a rich world of application possibilities:

  • Start menus for Autoplay CD ROMs
    Put the CD into the drive and the menu is started automatically.
    This feature is recommended for all CD ROM menus.

  • Corporate Presentations
    Create a professional presentation of your business on CD ROM. You can include information about your products, services or operations.

  • CD Business Cards
    Impress your business associates with a digital calling card. Provide comprehensive information about your business.

  • Product Presentations
    Present your products in a modern and up-to-date way. You'll not only save paper and costs, you'll also be setting yourself apart from your competitors.

  • Self-starting PowerPoint Presentations
    Give your PowerPoint presentations the ultimate finishing touch by including a start menu. Provide information about what's on the CD as well as publication and copyright details.

  • Training CDs
    Design your menu to include sub-menu pages and create an interactive training CD.

  • Documentation CDs
    By using sub-menu pages and by linking documents with Listbox entries, it's possible to link large numbers of documents to the menu in a clear and concise way.

  • Slide Show CDs
    CDMenuPro makes it possible to divide a slide show CD into clear categories. This makes it incredibly easy to access the desired image.

  • Dissertations
    Present your work within a suitable framework. Use CDMenuPro to access a given chapter or document quickly.

  • Job Applications
    Set yourself apart from fellow applicants by creating a digital job application CD. Use a creative design to impress your future employer.

  • Desktop Menu
    CDMenuPro's abilities are not restricted to CD ROM. Create your own individual desktop with clear access to all your most important programs and documents.

  • CDMenuPro Menu Software is Universally Applicable
    Generally speaking, CDMenuPro can be used for all Windows applications for which documents or programs need to be linked to objects on the menu interface.

Why CDMenuPro?

Creating a user-friendly software application was a major factor in its development.
  • CDMenuPro enables you to achieve respectable results with a minimum of effort.

  • CDMenuPro is a low-cost product offering an unlimited number of design possibilities.

  • And in the unlikely event that you encounter difficulties, we provide fast and free support.