Create Autorun CD Menu

Create Autorun CD Menu on portable media such as CD, DVD and USB Drive

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CDMenu is available in two different editions:

The "Small Edition" is designed for private use with reduced requirements and a modest budget. This edition entitles the user to utilize the menus on CDs for private use.

The powerful "Pro Version" with multimedia features, additional editing options and a large number of add-on programs.

CDMenu Small Edition & CDMenuPro Personal License
The Personal license entitles you to create an unlimited number of CD projects for your personal use and to distribute them for private purposes. This license is for non-commercial purposes only. If you want to use the menu for commercial or public distribution (corporations, institutions, public authorities, administration, clubs), you will have to purchase a Business license.

CDMenuPro Business License
The Business License entitles you to create an unlimited number of CD projects for the licensee's use and to distribute them for public and commercial purposes.
Registered users of the Business License product will receive add-on software to enhance the performance of the program. These add-on programs provide valuable additional features such as the ability to integrate menu resources and homemade icons into the menu EXE file with the help of Resource Compiler.

You will find more details about licensing here...

The CDMenu Editions
CDMenuPro Personal License
Business License
Text objects102530
    Font effectsXXX
    Images in Tooltips-XX
    button effects
Button styles   
    Office Style-XX
    Outlook Style-XX
Text fields11010
Background soundXXX
Button sound-XX
Background image
Desktop-fade outfade out
Menu pages110001000
Menu levels depth12020
Splash screenTextText or bitmapText or bitmap
Internal Image Viewer-XX
Internal RichText Viewer-XX
Internal Html Viewer-XX
Sound player
AVI player
AVI trailer-XX
AVI Clip-55
Image Object-1010
Popup Menu Object-1010
Listbox Object-11
Speaker Control-11
Project Assistant-XX
Text Viewer-XX
Button Creator-XX
Resource Browser-XX
Templates used by Resource Browser-on CDon CD
Resource Compiler--available in the registered version
Power Point Starter--X
PDF Starter--X
Password protection-XX
License agreement-XX
File protection-XX
Flash Player-XX
Full-text Search-XX
Copy Assistant-XX
Licenseprivate useprivate useEntitled for use on commercial or public distributed CD ROMs
    Euro19.95 EUR59.95 EUR139.95 EUR
    USD19.95 USD59.95 USD139.95 USD