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Please put these addresses in your "whitelist" (list of trustworthy addresses) and make sure that you remove them from your "blacklist".

Please also read the following important notes on spam-filter settings » here...

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Important notes about spam-filter settings

Never block the sender address of e-mails in your spam e-mail blacklist. This is because the people that send spam e-mails never use their own addresses, but instead use worm programs to collect the e-mails of other internet users illegally. We are aware that we have also fallen victim to this kind of abuse and it could just as easily be yours. If sender addresses started to be blocked by everyone, e-mail communication would become impossible very quickly (as we ourselves are starting to experience).

  • Only clear phrases in the subject line or in the body of the e-mail should be filtered.

  • It is best to monitor and check your spam filter yourself rather than leaving it to a software program.

  • Make no mistake, completely accurate and reliable e-mail filtering is not possible. It is far better to receive a few spam e-mails than to have your spam filter delete important messages such as support answers and release codes.

We have recently been experiencing an increase in the number of cases where our support replies cannot be delivered. The main reason for this problem has been restrictive spam-filter settings, either on the e-mail program itself or at the e-mail provider. These settings have also been preventing our release code from being received following the purchase of our program.

If you do not receive a reply from us within one working day, please check and correct your e-mail settings before trying to contact us again.

If you are part of a larger network, please ask your administrator to make the necessary adjustments for you.

Neither we nor our resellers send spam mails.