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CDMenuPro Copy Assistant

The CDMenuPro Copy Assistant has been designed to enable users to copy onto their hard drive the contents of the CD or content in a specific area of the CD. You can choose to have a document or application start on the user's PC once the copying procedure has finished.

Integrating the copy assistant

Select the following from the menu bar: "Objects - Insert copy assistant..." A settings dialog window is opened for configuring the copy assistant

Data source
Using the "Browse..." button specify the order that you would like to copy. If you want to copy all of a folder's sub-folders, make sure you check the option marked "Include sub-folders". To copy the entire CD or DVD, check this option and specify the "%CURRENTDIR%" as the source folder.

Data destination
You can specify the TEMP folder for the data destination or you can leave it up to the user to specify the destination folder for the data.

Document / program start
Another option is to specify a document or program from the files to be copied and have this started on the user's computer when the copying process is complete (this program or document is then started from the user's hard drive). This is done by checking the "Start document or application following copying" option and specifying the corresponding link from the link objects.

The following conditions apply for the link object:

  • The link object must contain the specifications for a document or a application contained within the files to be copied onto the hard drive.
    Please note: Before the link object is executed, CD_Start.exe modifies the path details in such as way that the file is called from the target folder.
  • The only link function permissible is: "Display or edit document or start application".
  • The sound settings for this link object will not be executed.

This is how the Copy Assistant is presented on your CD

Please note:

  • Empty folders will not be copied.
  • If you want to password-protect the files to be copied, you can also use a CDMenuPro ArchiveSafe item. (see ArchiveSafe)