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Using a cracked version of CDMenuPro

What is a crack, crack serialz, warez or full free download?

All of these terms are used to describe software that used to illegally manipulate software for the purposes of simulating or creating a full version or to describe pirate copies and serial numbers that have been passed on illegally. One of the most common methods is to alter the program code so that the process that checks the release code or serial number is either removed or bridged.

Creating, using and distributing cracks (also known as crack serialz or manipulated software, free full download) is is illegal in the majority of countries and a criminal offence.

Why you should absolutely never use cracks and serialz
  • Using this illegal software means that you are violating international copyright law and making yourself open to criminal prosecution.

  • You are helping to finance organized crime. One day you could become the victim of the very organized crime that you yourself have helped to finance.

    A large number of Warez pages (websites belonging to providers of cracks) contain trojans, spyware and other Malware in the cracks. This software is installed onto your PC with the crack and can either damage your computer or be used to pass on sensitive data to third parties for manipulative purposes.

  • Neither can you be certain that the manipulated binary code will not affect the correct functioning of the software or important program sequences.

  • You cannot be certain that the cracked release-code will work completely or permanently

  • You cannot be certain about the additional malware that might have been built into the software; this could even lead to you harming your unsuspecting CD / DVD users

  • You will be using the software illegally

  • You will not receive any support from us

  • You will not receive special-price updates

By using cracks and serialz, you harm yourself, you harm software developers and you harm society as a whole by helping to finance organized crime. *1)

*1) In 2006 the income made from computer and internet crime is thought to be higher than illegal drugs trafficking. (Source: Valerie McNiven, advisor to the US government)

Why you should purchase legal software from us
  • You will receive free support
  • You will receive free updates (for the same main version of the software)
  • You will receive special-priced updates (to newer versions)
  • You will receive our other software products together in special-priced packages.
  • You will be supporting the continued development of the products

Make sure that you only order your software from our website

Depending on where you live, you will be redirected to one of our resellers ("element 5" or "BMTMicro") or to our own web shop. This is the only way you can be sure that you are purchasing a legal release code.

CDMenuPro shop page

For security reasons, make sure that you only use our server to download CDMenuPro

Our software has been protected with a certified digital signature for some time now. Its purpose is to make sure that the software is downloaded from our server and that it has not been manipulated. Please make sure you read the certificate when installing your software.

We guarantee that our software has been checked by the latest virus scanner software before it is uploaded and after a test download has been carried out. Our software does not contain addware, spyware, viruses or trojans.

CDMenuPro download page

For security reasons, please check that the digital ID of the software is valid. Please Note: These windows will be displayed after the download and before the files that have been executed.

Security notice
This notice is displayed before downloaded file is displayed

When you see the notice, click on "Klaus Schwenk Software"

Digital ID
Click on View Certificate

The certificate
The certificate


Software that accesses computer files without the user's knowledge; it is a general term for computer viruses, trojans and spyware.

Software that manipulates the binary code or release code or that exchanges or adds new components to the software to make it possible to use the software as a full version illegally.

Serialz is used in the pirate software scene to describe the illegal copying and reproduction of serial numbers or release codes.

Warez is computer jargon for software that has been acquired or distributed illegally

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