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Create Autorun CD Menu on portable media such as CD, DVD and USB Drive

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Frontend Menu

What is a Frontend Menu ?

A Frontend Menu is a user interface to control a software or device component. For example, a graphical file manager is a front end to the computer's file system. A typical software application is a graphical user interface (GUI) to access the files on a portable media like CDs, DVDs and/or USB-Sticks (USB Flash Drives). Such applications are called CD Menu, Autorun Menu, Autoplay Menu.

Frontend Menu to control a software or device component

Frontend Menu is the generic term for CD Menus, DVD Menus, USB Menus, Autoplay Menus and Autorun Menus.

What are portable media devices?

As the name suggests portable media devices are used to store data. They are not connected to a particular computer and can be transported from location to location to be used on other computers. Portable media devices include floppy discs, CDs, DVDs, USB sticks (USB Flash Drives) and 3D memory cards (SD memory card, which stands for Secure Digital memory card).

Frontend Menu for removable media

Using the Menu Creator Software CDMenuPro you can create your own professional Frontend Menu for your product, company or business presentations as well as for your documents. Whether it's for CDs, DVDs or USBs, no programming knowledge is necessary.

Autorun Menu for USB Flash Drives ?

Microsoft blocks the autorun function for USB sticks (USB flash drive) for all future Windows updates. This is because USB sticks have been used to infect computers with viruses. Nevertheless, it still makes sense to use a fontend menu for USB sticks and you can read why here (see below)

Does it make sense to use a menu program for USB sticks?

Yes! - It makes sense to include a frontend menu application, even if the autorun function is not activated.

Don't expect your customers to search through the storage device for the file that starts the program or presentation. CDMenuPro makes it possible to save all programs and files in sub-folders. The only program that you need to place in the root directory of the storage device is the menu program itself. All your users see is one executable program. All you have to do is give this program a descriptive name such as "Frontend Menu", "USB-Start", "Presentation-Start" or Start-Menu", and your users will know instantly which file they have to start.

Never distribute a portable medium without a frontend menu (user interface)

An entirely amateurish impression is made by portable media not furnished with an frontend menu which informs the user directly about the medium's type and contents, and serves to guide the user. Users should never have to be responsible for figuring out which program or file to click on to obtain the desired information.

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