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Full text search

The CDMenuPro Search Assistant has been designed to let you offer your CD users a full-text search or file search feature.

The full text search feature is limited to file types that save text in a non-encrypted non-compressed form with an 8-Bit ANSI character set (ISO-8859).
(i.e.: *.rtf, *.html, *.txt, *.ini,...)

Full-text search for pdf files
Text in pdf files is saved in a compressed form and therefore does not meet the specifications mentioned above. Nevertheless, we have integrated a full-text search feature for pdf files. However the "Case sensitive" and "Match whole word only" search functions are not available for the pdf full-text search.

Full-text search for MS Word files
Depending on which characters (letters) are used in the text, MS Word saves the text in 8-Bit ANSI Code or in a Unicode character set. Provided that the Word file has been saved in a 8-bit code, it is fine to use the full-text search feature for Word files. If in doubt, you might want to carry out a trial to determine whether the full-text search feature works correctly. Depending on the results of this testing, you can release or block the search feature for Word documents accordingly.

Search according to title or author
For Rtf, Html and Pdf files, you also have the option to save the author and/or title of the document in an area that has been reserved for this purpose (day). The CDMenuPro full-text search feature makes it possible to search according to title and/or author for the file types mentioned above.

Integrating the full-text search feature

Select the following from the menu bar: Objects - "Insert search assistant..." or click on the corresponding button on the object bar. A settings dialog window is opened for configuring the full-text search feature

CDMenuPro Search Assistant

All of the entries in this dialog window are optional. Nevertheless, we recommend specifying the folder in which the search should begin. "%CURRENTDIR% corresponds to the root directory of the CD.

This is how the Search Assistant is presented on your CD

CDMenuPro full-text search feature during the search process
Files that correspond to the search criterion are listed in the detail list

CDMenuPro full-text search feature following a successful search
Once the search is over, any files found can be highlighted in the detail list and opened or copied.