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 Date: 29.03.2011
 Name: David van der Walt
 EMail: < david (at) >
 Message: Great software! Saved me a LOT of time and as a graphic designer it allowed me to focus on the design and not having to worry about technical issues. Highly recommended.
David van der Walt, Cognite Graphic & Web Design.

 Date: 02.06.2010
 Name: Ivanka Ferencic Martincic
 EMail: < ivanka.knjiznicarka (at) >
 Message: I am part of a group of Volunteers that is working on a project for a Regional Library Association from Croatia. We are all amateurs in programming and graphical design, but using CDMenuPro we war able to make an excellent presentation CD of the Association and the Libraries it included. For a non-profit organization, with the sole purpose of promoting librarianship and the work of libraries in Croatia, this product was a perfect solution. Not only for its simplicity but also with the great features and a very professional-looking end-result. A BIG thank You to Klaus for his donation and support.

 Date: 14.10.2007 um 16:43
 Name: Ed Cooper
 EMail: <>
 Message: I am a professional developer with over 25 years experience. Our company required a autorun CD menu maker to run a series of videos(swf's) created with Adobe's Captivate. I tried an number of products including SamLogic and CIS. Only CDMenu Pro had the features I needed. In addition, only CDMenu Pro provided the ability to generate a very professional final result. Both my company's customers and prospects have provided wonderful feedback on what we are able to accomplish. An added bonus has been the support by Klaus. He is very quick to respond to any question. I look forward to future versions although I can't imagine this product getting even better since it does exactly what it should and more. Thanks CDMenu Pro and Klaus!!!

 Date: 18.02.2005 um 19:20
 Name: Diamond Dreams, LLC
 EMail: <diamond_dreams(at)>
 Message: CDMenuPro is a great product and the best part about it is the CUSTOMER SERVICE. We had a serious problem, which turned out not to be CDMenuPro problem but Klaus was outstanding in helping us troubleshoot, even from 1/2 way around the world. His support was professional, polite, upbeat and best of all, responsive. Where customer service normally is lacking, Klaus has shown me that he cares about his customers. That is more important than the product itself!...Paul

 Date: 27.01.2005 um 10:17
 Name: Nigel Freeman
 EMail: <nigeldude(at)>
 Message: Love the sotware. I'v been searching a very long time, and this is deffinately the best.

 Date: 21.06.2004 um 14:21
 Name: dana hoffman - Hoffman International Investigations, LLC
 EMail: <dana(a)>
 Message: "CdMenuPro is a comprehensive professional tool far beyond just autoplay. Its design templates, and excellent technical support made it possible for the first time user to create a truly professional presentation for a client, among thousands of other applications.

dana hoffman
Hoffman International Investigations, LLC
Denver, CO USA

 Date: 08.06.2004 um 21:36
 Name: Andrew Brydon
 EMail: <andrewbrydon(a)>
 Message: very useful

 Date: 22.04.2004 um 01:59
 Name: Hugo
 EMail: < MrHarte-Lugner6969(a)>
 Message: Looks like a good piece of software, good info.

 Date: 10.04.2004 um 11:32
 Name: Florin Omota
 EMail: <fomota(a)>
 Message: Are we related?

 Date: 04.04.2004 um 15:21
 Name: s.hunter
 EMail: <s.hunter(a)>
 Message: very informative

 Date: 05.12.2003 um 08:48
 Name: fons proost
 EMail: <alfons.proost(a)>
 Message: GREAT program! Easy to learn and use!!
Tried it out at home, showed it at work and supervisors and I were very impressed.
We used made CD's to preserve data.
Now we can make our business look more professional!!
I talked with my bosses about buying the product.

 Date: 21.11.2003 um 15:56
 Name: NN
 EMail: <>
 Message: GREAT program! Easy to learn and use!! Ordered the business edition today. Tried it out at work and supervisors and I were very impressed. We used to just throw files onto a CD so now we can make our business look more professional!!

 Date: 26.06.2003 um 16:09
 Name: Sergey
 EMail: <s_lobanov(a)>
 Message: The very best tool, translate to russian, pls...

 Date: 30.05.2003 um 18:19
 Name: d
 EMail: <d(a)>
 Message: Why when i try to make a button using a bitmap/gif/jpg does the image come out tiny and not at all at the correct size?

 Date: 28.05.2003 um 16:25
 Name: Kyp
 EMail: <xxx(a)yyy.zz>

 Date: 27.05.2003 um 16:06
 Name: Miridia
 EMail: <qiliq(a)>
 Message: Das erwartet man jeden Tag...

 Date: 15.02.2003 um 23:46
 Name: J.H.J. de Zeeuw
 EMail: <jhj.dezeeuw(a)>
 Message: Nice program.
Next multimedia feature a MP3 player?

 Date: 07.11.2002 um 17:04
 Name: Artem
 EMail: <artik(a)>
 Message: Quite well!

 Date: 26.08.2002 um 13:56
 Name: George Oumo
 EMail: <cgoumo(a)>
 Message: Quite impressive and informative

 Date: 11.07.2002 um 06:19
 Name: Donald Warren
 EMail: <dona(a)>
 Message: Looks good thanks for your work.
Will purchase full idf works trial as well as I expect.


 Date: 04.06.2002 um 14:23
 Name: Tim Kirby
 EMail: <Tim(a)>
 Message: Great programme, looking forward to developments in the future. (how about importing Flash .swf files to menu!!!) Weeks of searching downloading and trying out other similar programmes finally brought me here, and CDMenuPro is the best solution for straitforward front end mastering with a touch of class.

 Date: 24.04.2002 um 17:26
 Name: Paul Fuchs
 EMail: <paul(a)>
 Message: I recently bought the business edition and in no time at all I had made two linked menus with custom backgrounds and sound. I had one minor question and Klaus answered and solved the problem on the first try. The program has now been updated so that no-one else will encounter it. This is a good deal and the program works as advertised. The help tutorial is simple and complete. Great job.
Paul Fuchs

 Date: 06.04.2002 um 18:37
 Name: Daniel R. Sloan
 EMail: <danielsloan(a)>
 Message: I still looking for autorun's software. Anyone, who has real autorun, that I can look at it. make me clear, before buy autorun's software. Thanks

 Date: 20.02.2002 um 00:14
 Name: Claudine Govier
 EMail: <claudine_govier(a)>
 Message: Hello CDMenu,

I just bought your business edition and am going to use it to create an update CD for our customers. Thanks for a great product and the documentation you offer.

 Date: 14.02.2002 um 10:14
 Name: Yoyo Praasetyo
 EMail: <marinner(a)>
 Message: I like this program, and I want to see this program in big area. Thanks......

 Date: 05.02.2002 um 13:36
 Name: NiM - Computer Techniques Studio
 EMail: <-->
 Message: I have bought this program (Business Edition) and I found it useful. In the next versions would be good to have "transparency effect" - for example - holes in the background picture - useful for irregular shapes of CD menu (look and feel of irregular shaped skins of wide variety of media players).
Nice prog!

 Date: 04.01.2002 um 21:09
 Name: Les Bassett
 EMail: <lbassett(a)>
 Message: The information provided within the web site has been most useful. I intend to try out the 'free' download to see if it is suitable for my purposes.

 Date: 02.12.2001 um 10:17
 Name: Franz Holzer
 EMail: <FranzHolzer(a)>
 Message: ein ausdrückliches Lob an Herrn Klaus Schwenk!

Am 7.11.01 habe ich CDMenuPro erworben. Ich bin außerordentlich zufrieden. Das Produkt kann ich
jedem empfehlen!

Was ich noch so schätze: Jede Anfrage wird sofort

 Date: 30.11.2001 um 01:38
 Name: Hubertus Marek
 EMail: <info(a)>
 Message: Zur Erstellung einer Gratis-CD mit Informationen für den Einzelhandel anlässlich der EURO-Einführung brauchte ich ein Autoplay-Programm, da ich festgestellt hatte, dass der Start aus dem Explorer für viele Anwender zu mühsam war.

An CDMenuPro finde ich ganz bemerkenswert, dass hier ein Fenster zum Abspielen von Videos optional verwendbar ist. Dieses Fenster lenkt den Anwender nicht durch die üblichen vielen Controls ab. Es gibt die maximale Bildqualität wieder.

Ich habe mein Ergebnis unter Windows 95, 98, 2000 und XP getestet. Auch unter dem neuen Windows XP ist der Einsatz sehr sinnvoll, da sonst beim Einlegen einer CD ein Fenster erscheint, welches die Inhalte der CD im Hinblick auf meine Anforderungen nicht ausführlich genug kommentiert hat. Auf Basis von Beispiel 8 von CDMenuPro habe ich hier ein tolles Ergebnis erzielt.

 Date: 06.08.2001 um 13:03
 Name: Ralf Domnik
 EMail: <ralf.domnik(a)>
 Message: Es ist macht riesig Spass mit einem so ausgefeilten Programm zu arbeiten.

Und danach...

- Professionelle Ergebnisse in kürzester Zeit -

 Date: 31.07.2001 um 23:34
 Name: Matthias Gerhard
 EMail: <>
 Message: Schönes Tool. Endlich kann ich meine Bilder direkt von CD aus starten!
Das Programm ist wirklich einfach zu bedienen.

 Date: 06.07.2001 um 15:30
 Name: Jürgen Sperber
 EMail: <juergen.sperber(a)>
 Message: Auch ich kann nur positives von diesem Programm berichten. Es ist leicht und intuitiv zu bedienen, innerhalb kürzester Zeit kann man damit komplette Startoberflächen für Projekt-CD's, Präsentations-CD's usw. erstellen.
Und was ganz wichtig ist: Ein Super-Support - schnell und freundlich antwortet Hr. Schwenk (ich hoffe ich habe nicht zu viel genervt ...) auf die Anfragen - so soll es sein.

 Date: 03.07.2001 um 08:52
 Name: M. WOLLNER Video u. Film Productions
 EMail: <>
 Message: CdMenuPro ist sehr gut aufgebaut und sehr schnell und leicht anwendbar/ erlernbar.
Alle nötigen feature sind vorgesehen und einiges mehr!
Das Preis-Leistungs Verhältnis ist unschlagbar.
Der Support (K. Schwenk persönlich) macht vieles auf diesem Gebiet schon erlebte wieder gut...

 Date: 25.06.2001 um 08:56
 Name: Ulrich Pasch
 EMail: <ulrich.pasch(a)>
 Message: Bin sehr zufrieden mit dem Programm, zumal es auch individuelle Gestaltungsräume offen lässt.
Besonders beeindruckt hat mich der hervorragende Support. Schnell, unkompliziert und freundlich. Diesbezüglich nochmals herzlichen Dank an Herrn Schwenk.

 Date: 17.06.2001 um 08:02
 Name: Peter PRecht
 EMail: <peter(a)>
 Message: Na, scheint e doch ein CD-Menu zu geben, dass man ohne Programmierkenntnisse beherschen kann? Das wäre ja wirklich toll. Dann wollen wir mal testen, was das Teil alles kann.

 Date: 30.04.2001 um 19:21
 Name: CDMenuPro
 EMail: <mail(a)>
 Message: Bisher liegen noch keine Einträge vor !

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