Create Autorun CD Menu

Create Autorun CD Menu on portable media such as CD, DVD and USB Drive

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Steps to take if you’re having trouble

Our support services

We have set up an e-mail support service to help all those experiencing difficulties with their projects or who just want to ask a question. Our support service normally answers all questions within 24 hours on week days. Most questions are often answered within a few hours.

What to do before you contact the support service.

We would first like to ask you to read the appropriate section in our online help pages before you contact support. Indeed, reading the "step-by-step instructions" (it only takes 15 minutes) can save you hours of work on your project. And you can avoid making the most common mistakes by reading the following pages:

  • Tutorial - The Style Guide
  • Tutorial - The Project
  • Tutorial - Testing the Project
  • Tutorial - Burning a CD
  • Steps to take if you’re having trouble
Moreover, all the menu objects and their functions are explained in the tutorial. Reading these documents before contacting our support team can save valuable time both yours and ours.

What we will need to know to answer your questions

Please explain your problem in as much detail as possible. This will help us to picture your difficulties in tangible terms.

We will also require the following information:

  • The program you are using (name) and version (edition)
  • The version number of the program
  • Your reference or registration number
To do this in the CDMenuPro Editor, select "Help - Support" and then click on the Support button. This will automatically transfer the information listed above into a new e-mail form. This saves us from asking more questions and your valuable time.

Please include the following files with your support request:
  • CD_Conf.ini
  • The "cdmp_report.htm" report file from the project check (menu bar: "Project - check..."). The file is contained within the "Temp" folder in the project container.
  • A screen shot Here...) from Windows Explorer that shows the contents of the project folder. (if necessary)

But please don't send any other files from your project unless we ask you to do so.


We will act you your support request quicker if you,

  • trigger your request using the "Help - support" item.
  • Include the project file "CD_Conf.ini", all other *.ini-files of your project and "cdmp_report.htm" (report file) with your support request

How to create a screen shot

A screen shot (=an image of the monitor display) of the menu window or the open project folder as displayed by Windows Explorer can sometimes be very helpful.

Please proceed as follows:

  • Start the program from which you would like to make the screen shot.
  • If it's already been started, it's important to activate it. This is done by clicking on the title bar at the top of the window.
  • Press and hold the "alt" key on your keyboard. Now press the "print screen" key. (This creates a copy of screen image and sends it to the computer's clipboard).
  • Now start your graphics software. If you don't have any graphics software, you can use "Paint" which comes with Windows (Start - Program - Accessories - Paint).
  • Save this image. Please select "jpg-" or "gif-" if possible as this saves memory and transmission times.
You can also paste your screen shot into a MS Word document.