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Create Autorun CD Menu on portable media such as CD, DVD and USB Drive

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Product Overview


CD Autoplay Menü Creator - CDMenuPro

Use CDMenuPro to start your CD or DVD automatically with your own individually designed CD autoplay menu - corporate presentations, documents, product catalogs, dissertations, job applications or slide show.

Use a clear and professional CD start menu to set you and your corporate presentation apart from the competition.

CDMenuPro is a software tool for creating individual menu applications with graphically illustrated user interfaces. You or the user can use the menu to start programs and documents with buttons.

Let your imagination run wild. With the help of background images and bitmap action buttons, the menu designer has complete control over how the graphically illustrated user interface will look. Frameless windows without Windows title bars are also incredibly easy to create.



You don't have to be a computer expert to create an auto-start menu using CDMenu. And you'll find the impact is no less spectacular when the CD with your vacation photos starts automatically with its own professional menu.

The "CDMenu Small Edition" has been designed for private use for people with more moderate requirements and tighter budgets. This version allows menus created with CDMenuPro to be used and distributed privately.



The quick and easy way to create an intro for your CD. Give your business, product, service or CD presentation immediate impact with a short multi-media introduction.

Intro is computer jargon for a presentation consisting of images, text and animations. (Intro is, of course, short for introduction)

It would be a mistake to think that the presentations created with IntoCreator are limited to "introductory presentations". Set your imagination free and use the program to create electronic greeting cards, invitations, thank-you messages and...



PicturePlayer is an image presentation program that has been specially designed for use with CD/DVD ROMs, featuring individual images set to music and sound support.

PicturePlayer does not have to be installed on the target system, because it does not use special DLLs or registry entries. This means that image CDs with PicturePlayer can be started on all Windows PCs (32 Bit).

Thanks to its clear user interface and Project Assistant features, PicturePlayer is also suitable for users wanting to create their own image show who have little computer experience.