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CDMenuPro ResourceBrowser

The CDMenuPro ResourceBrowser has been designed to administrate the menu templates and menu resources and, by selecting a template, enables a project framework to be created in just a few clicks.

Der CDMenuPro ResourceBrowser
Der CDMenuPro ResourceBrowser

User projects that already exist can be converted into a template using the "Import Function", making them available in the ResourceBrowser to be used for the creation of similar projects.

The templates also provide some excellent examples of design possibilities, providing users with useful design ideas for their own menus and templates.


The download version includes the ResourceBrowser with 6 templates. Because of its size, the template library is not included in the download version in its entirety; it is only available on the CD version. (element5: CD on demand)

The program CD also contains more complex template designs such as:

  • Displaying PDF files using a Listbox for selection and with help from the PDF starter (Listboxes make it possible to select a larger number of files)
  • Displaying PowerPoint presentations using a Listbox for selection and help from the PowerPoint starter.
  • Selecting and displaying individual images or picture sequences (you will also need the PicturePlayer application, which is included on this CD)
  • Integrating images into the Tooltips feature
  • Menu applications with menu bar and pop-up menus.
  • Using the TextViewer application.
  • Calling a website online and linking to the e-mail program.
  • Menu template with 3 sub-menu levels.
  • Integrating an intro (you will need an additional intro player such as the IntroCreator application, which is also included on this CD)