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  • CDMenuPro Tutorials
    Please select CDMenuPro web manual or CDMenuPro flash video tutorial to lern more about the CDMenu Creator software CDMenuPro
  • CDMenuPro Flash Video Tutorial
    Please select a flash video tutorial to lern how to create cdmenu projects using CDMenuPro

How to make Autorun CD

  • Autoplay - Autorun CD, DVD
    Use the Windows Autorun feature to start your frontend menu automatically. Tips for Writing Autorun Startup Applications, Checking or testing the autorun settings
  • Windows Autorun / Autoplay Feature
    The Windows operating system has the feature to automatically launch a program when new media is inserted. This feature is called autorun or autoplay
  • Check Windows Autorun Setting
    Use the Autorun-check program to check or alter the autorun settings on your Windows system.
  • Activate Windows Autorun
    Autorun with Windows 9x and ME. If the Autorun feature is not working correctly on your system, check the system settings, or execute the respective settings.
  • The Scrip File autorun.inf
    The Windows operating system has the feature to automatically launch a program when new media are inserted (for ex. CD ROM). The necessary information therefore is contained in the text file Autorun.inf
  • CDMenuPro Autorun Software: Create custom made Autorun CD Menu
    Create professional, impressive custom made Autorun CD Menus for use on CD, DVD and USB Stick. Templates and project wizards enable anyone to achieve professional results in no time at all.

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  • Contact CDMenuPro
    How to contact the CDMenuPro support and how to contact Klaus Schwenk Software
  • How to contact Klaus Schwenk Software
    If you have any questions about DVD's, USB's, autorun, autoplay, autostart, creating CD's, slideshows, intro presentations or anything else related to our software, please don't hesitate to contact KS-SW.
  • CDMenuPro Support - Problem Solving
    We have set up an e-mail support service to help all those experiencing difficulties with their projects or who just want to ask a question. Our support service normally answers all questions within 24 hours on week days.
  • CDMenuPro Guestbook
    CDMenuPro is being used across the world by thousands of users and has won a large number of awards. But don't just take our word for it - read what other CDMenuPro users say


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    Please use this sitemap to browse on the CDMenuPro web site and to find the required information.
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  • CD Menu Creator: Menu Objects
    Menu objects is the term used to describe all the objects that can be integrated into the main window of your CD Menu or Frontend Menu:
  • CD Menu Creator: Moving Objects
    How to place or move the menu objects within the main window of your CD Menu or Frontend Menu
  • CD Menu Creator: The Tab Order
    The tab order of the menu buttons are important for users which operate the menu without mouse. Lern how to define the tab order for the buttons of your CD Menu



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