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Message box

A message box can be used to display a short message of no more than 3 lines to the user. "Yes" and "No" buttons can also be added to the message box. Clicking on "Yes" executes a particular action using the link-object feature.

Creating a Message Box

Go to the menu bar and select: "Objects - Message Window...", this opens a dialog window which is used to administrate all messages.

The CDMenuPro Message Box Manager

Click on the "New" button and a dialog window will open containing the Message Box parameter settings.

CDMenuPro Message box Parameter

CDMenuPro Message box Example
This is how the message will later be displayed in a Windows Message Box

Every time a message box is created, the Editor automatically creates a link object and links it to the message box.

Message box Linkobject

Linking a button to a message box
  • Insert a button into the menu window
  • Click on the "Linkage" tab
  • Click on the button displaying a link symbol and a link-object list is opened.
  • Select the link object with the message box from this list
  • Close all dialog windows

Link a button to a message box

Creating a message box with "Yes" and "No" buttons

A message box can also be created with "Yes" and "No" buttons as an option. This makes it possible to ask the CD user a question. If the question is answered with "Yes", a particular action can be activated. This action is defined using a link object.

CDMenuPro Message box with Yes/No question
Example of a message box with a Yes or No question

CDMenuPro Message box settings The message box settings for the display above

Creating a message box with a Yes or No question
  • Using a link object to create the action that will take place when the Yes button is clicked.
  • Select the following from the menu bar: "Objects - Message Window..."
  • Click on the button marked "New" in the settings dialog window for the Message box
  • Create message (s. image above)
  • Click on the button marked "Link" and select the action created in the first step
  • Close all dialog windows
  • Link the message box to a button (or pop-up menu) (see above)

Please note
The number of message boxes permitted for each project is 100