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Tool Tips

Please note:
Before cueing the tool tips definition dialog window, mark the area in which you would like to have the tool tips displayed. To do this, click on the following button: Marking the area. You will see that your mouse pointer is now displaying a square and a plus sign. By dragging the mouse, mark out the area in which you would like the tool tips to be displayed. Click on "Objects - Tool Tips..." in the menu bar.

Dialog window for setting the tool tip parameters.
Dialog window for setting the tool tip parameters.

Checking the box marked "Enable Tool Tips" will enable or disable the tool tips feature.

If the "Display Tool Tips additionally in Windows style" option is checked, the tool-tip text passage for buttons will be displayed in a small additional window. Please note: It is not possible to display images for Windows tool tips.

The tool tip window position and size area is used to define the area in which the tool tips will be outputted.

The tool tip area can be either transparent or can be outputted with a background color of your choice.
Tip: It's a good idea to select a background color while you edit the tool tip feature.

If you would like to display the tool tips in Windows style only, enter "0" for X position, Y position, width and height of the tool tip window respectively.

Text properties: Here you can define the font and font color. It's also possible to define a default text. The default text is displayed in idle status, that is, when there is no mouse-over.

The length of all tip texts is restricted to 240 characters.

You can define the tip allocated to each button in the button dialog window.

An example of a menu with Tool Tips (Animated GIF)

Example menu with Tool Tips

Displaying Images in the Tool Tip Area

Since CDMenuPro version 3.1 it's been possible to display images in the tool tip area. It's also been possible to centre the tool tip text since the arrival of this version.

If you would like to display images in this area, you can search for and insert the image file using the button marked "Insert Image". Please make sure that the tool tip area selected for the images is large enough. It's also important to make sure that the image files are not much bigger than the tool tip area in order to cut loading times and save on resources.

If you would like to combine images and text, CDMenuPro will select the upper tool tip area for outputting the image (approx. 75%) and the lower area for outputting the text (approx. 25%).

Enter the tool tip text as usual and then use the "Insert Image" button to enter details of the image file to be used. (See the "Tool Tip Settings" picture above")

Example: Image and text tool tip linked with the Listbox.