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Create Autorun CD Menu on portable media such as CD, DVD and USB Drive

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Version Information

Version 6.50.00

  • Required adaptions for Windows-8.1

Version 6.41.00

  • minor improvements for Windows7

Version 6.32.00

  • Some minor bug fixes

Version 6.30.00

  • Required adaptions for Windows-7

Version 6.22.00

  • Drag&Drop-Interface for buttons, image-objects and avi-clips implemented. Existing Drag&Drop-Interface improved

Version 6.21.00

  • Download-Manager: overworked
  • PowerPoint-Starter: overworked

Version 6.20.03

  • Max. dimension of a list box increased to 640 x 480 pixel.
  • PdfStarter: overworked

Version 6.20.02

Existing projects can be saved as a user template; new projects can be created from these templates.

Version 6.20.00

  • Resource Compiler
    With the introduction of this version, user documents can now be included in the "CD_Start.exe" menu application. » more details...

  • Flash Player
    From now on the Flash Player comes with advanced settings.
    • Option to hide the audio and status controls
    • Window positioning (alignment)
    • AutoExit: closes the player automatically 10 seconds after the last frame
    » more details...

  • Html-, text-, Rtf-viewer, Flash Player and full-text search
    previously opened instances of these programs can be closed automatically before a new instance start.

  • CD_Start options
    All CDMenuPro players, readers and viewers can be closed on exit as an option. (Go to: CDMenuPro Editor, Menu-bar "Properties - CD_Start options...")

  • Messagebox
    The number of message boxes permitted for each project is 100. Message boxes can also be created with a "Yes" or "No" question, with an action being carried out if "Yes" is clicked. " more details... » more details...

Version 6.03.00

  • New button function to support the Windows command interpreter.
  • During the compilation process you can choose to embed the resources into the .exe file (CD_Start.exe) or into a separate file (CD_Conf.dat)

Version 6.02.00

Code Signing

  • All the Exe and Dll files, as well as the setup files belonging to the CDMenuPro software have a digital signature. This applies to versions 6.02.00 and above.
  • From this version onwards all Exe files have their own embedded Manifest for regulating the access rights on Windows Vista (UAC - User Account Control)

Version 6.01.00

Improved Flash Player

  • Starting the Flash Player before the .swf file is loaded.
  • The user sees a "loading..." message while the .swf file is being loaded.
  • Another option is to copy a Flash video into the hard-drive's temporary folder before playing begins (this ensures smooth playback).
  • The Flash Player can also be started so that it corresponds exactly with the dimensions of the film (= optimal size without borders).

New features in Version 6.00

  • Flash Player
    A Flash Player is included in the CDMenuPro software packages from version 6 onwards. You can use the Flash Player on a royalty free basis for your CD project. You can change the size, type and colour of the screen for the Flash Player. Business licence owners can also integrate their own logo into the Player.
  • Copy Assistant
    The copy assistant has been designed to let your CD users copy a folder or folder tree from the CD onto their hard drives. You can also choose to have a document or application start on the user's PC, once the copying procedure has been completed.

  • Search Assistant
    The CDMenuPro Search Assistant has been designed to let you offer your CD users a full-text search or file search feature. The full text search feature is available for file types that save text in a non-encrypted non-compressed form. In addition to this, you can also let your user's search according to the title and/or author for documents of the type Pdf, Html and Rtf.

  • Embedded IntroPlayer
    You can embed a presentation created with the IntroCreator directly into the menu window. An embedded intro presentation serves in bringing a menu page to life with animated text and images. This means that you have the opportunity to offer more information and make it more attractive to the menu user, creating more interest and a desire for "more".

  • Language Editor
    The CDMenuPro Language Editor can be used to add additional user-interface languages to the "CD_Start.exe" menu application and the "CDMP_FlashPlayer.exe" flash player. You can add any language provided that it has an 8-bit ANSI character set.

  • Menu bar
    You can add a Windows menu bar to every menu page in the menu application.

  • Context menu
    The menu designer can be used to create a context menu.

  • Pop-up menus
    You can create up to 100 pop-up menus. The menu bar or buttons can be used to link to these pop-up menus.

  • Link Objects
    Apart from their visual characteristics, link objects have the same characteristics as buttons.
    Link objects are introduced to make creating menu bars and pop-up menus easier. In addition to this, it is also possible to create a link object and then to link the corresponding button with this link object for functions that are used frequently.

  • Undo
    The undo function is available for the following actions: inserting, deleting, moving and editing objects.

  • Resource Compiler
    Using the compiler has been made much simpler. It is now possible to compile the project with just one click. It is also now possible to reverse the process with one click, thus putting the project back into editing mode.

  • Sub-menus
    The previous rigid sub-menu hierarchy has been lifted. You can now create up to 1000 sub-menu pages per project and link them as you please.
    A previously created sub-menu can be defined and used as a template for all subsequent sub-menu pages.

  • Background sound
    The sound properties for a button have been significantly improved. The following functions are now also available:
    • Stop background sound
    • Re-start background sound
    • Start button sound
    • Stop button sound
    • Activate/deactivate (mute) loudspeakers

  • New button function: "Open sound control window"
    This function enables the users to open a small pop-up window in the menu window. This pop-up window enables the user to adjust the volume and to turn the volume off or on.

  • Object Administration
    The menu objects can now be administrated clearly with the help of a list.

  • Masking the Desktop
    From now on it is also possible to leave the Window's task bar unmasked.

  • Buttons
    • The number of buttons available per menu page has been increased from 30 to 50.
    • You are free to choose the background colour of Window's style buttons.
    • Buttons can be linked with link objects
    • Buttons can be linked with pop-up menus

  • Virtual drive
    Testing using a virtual drive has been simplified and improved.

  • File Import
    In previous versions all referenced files had to be copied into the project folder first. From now on the Editor takes care of this task automatically.

  • Project Import
    Projects from versions 3, 4 and 5 can be imported into version 6 using the import function.

  • Repository
    From now on all CDMenuPro projects are clearly administrated in a repository.

  • Update Manager
    From now on the CDMenuPro Editor checks to see whether up-dates are available for the program and downloads these from the web server on your request. This process does not involve removing and then having to re-install data on your computer.

  • Project Update
    You can update all the components of a CDMenuPro project (Viewer, Reader, Player) at the click of a mouse button.

  • Easier to Use
    Countless small improvements have been made to the usability of the Editor.

  • CDMenuPro Installation (Setup)
    The latest technology from install shield has been used for the set-up procedure in order to meet the requirements of Windows Vista.

New features in Version 5.30

Get to grips quicker thanks to new Training Cards
From version 5.30 and above, the software package now contains training cards covering 49 different subjects and featuring 28 ready-to-load-and-use examples. The training cards use a keyword structure and explain how to create a menu, how to link to documents and programs, how to use external and embedded viewers and how to use the menu objects. The training cards have been specially designed to enable you to get to grips with the program quickly and to create professional projects with a minimum of effort.

New features in Version 5.21

Step-by-step tutorial revised.

New features in Version 5.20

From CDMenuPro 5.2 Business License version and above it is possible to embed TrueType-Fonts and OpenFonts into the menu application during the compilation process. (Applies to buttons, text objects and tool tips) This enables the tooltip, button and text objects to be displayed on the target PC in exactly the same font that you have used for the design even when the font is not already installed on the computer. Only fonts without licensing restrictions, however, can be embedded.

New features in Version 5

New features

Menu access control
You can now make accessing the menu dependent on a password and/or licensing agreement.

Restricting access to the menu, however, only makes sense when the data on the CD is also protected. And it is set against this background that we have developed a new program add-on: "ArchiveSafe".

New viewer as an add-on program
The CDMenuPro software package now comes with two new Viewers:
A RichText Viewer for presenting formatted text
A Html Viewer for presenting Html files
Improved Image Viewer.

Embedded Viewer
CDMenuPro comes with two new embedded viewers:
A RichText Viewer for presenting formatted text A Image Viewer

Copyright and file information.
It is now possible to define the file information that is displayed in XP Windows Explorer's Tooltip window (producer, copyright, date, version)

PowerPoint Starter
The PowerPoint Starter has been completely re-developed. A separate PowerPoint viewer can be specified for each Windows Version as an option

Pdf Starter
The Pdf Starter has been completely re-developed. A separate Pdf Reader can be specified for each Windows Version as an option

Easier to use
Menu objects can be positioned using the cursor keys.
The size of menu objects can be altered using the cursor keys.
Improved cursor position display.

Multiple improvements
An incredibly large number of small improvements have been integrated into this version, particularly with regard to making the program easier to use.

New features in Version 4.20

PowerPoint Integration Assistant (for Business Licence users only)
Due to user demand, the software now supports PowerPoint Viewer 2003. An integration assistant is now available to take you through the PowerPoint linking process.
Please click here for more details...

Loading message
The new version allows you to add a loading message to any button informing users that a document or file is loading.
Please click here for more details...

New features in Version 4.11

Bug fix
Submenus linked from popup menus are not recognized by the resource compiler.

Program CD / CD on demand
The CDMenuPro templates could be installed separately without installing the whole software.

New features in Version 4.10

Setup Program
The 4.1 version uses the latest installation technology by InstallShield and the MS Windows Installer.

Add-On Programs
You no longer need to install separately the add-on programs that are available for use with the business licence. These have now been integrated into the download version.

Sub Menus
The number of sub-menus for each menu page has been increased to 25.

New features in Version 4.00

The ResourceCompiler has been completely redeveloped and now offers more flexibility and more memory. It will now also recognize all the menu resources for all the menu pages down to the third sub-menu level automatically and is much easier to use.

Sub-menu administration
The Editor now supports 4 menu levels (main menu plus 3 sub-menu levels), and 25 sub-menu pages can be linked to every menu page.

Checking the project
A new Assistant has been developed to check the project for missing or incorrectly linked files, to check that folder and file names conform to the Joliet and/or ISO9660 name convention, to assist in the prevention of mistakes and, ultimately, to make sure that your project is secure.

Tool Tips in Windows style
The Tool Tips for buttons feature can be presented in CDMenuPro style or the classic Windows style.

Integrated Image Viewer
From now on images in the following format: jpg,gif,bmp,dib,ico,wmf,emf can be outputted by the internal Image Viewer.

Grid for positioning menu objects
The grid lines can now be made visible as an option.

New "Explore" button function
Starts Windows Explorer in the specified folder.

The Editor's clipboard can be used to copy menu objects across several different menu pages of a project.

Adjusting file names
In order to fall in line with the ISO9660 name convention, the following file names have been changed:

  • CD-Conf.ini to CD_Conf.ini
  • CD-Start.exe to CD_Start.exe
This will allow you to create CD projects that confirm to the ISO9660 standard without having to rename files.

New features in Version 3.22

ResourceBrowser / Templates
The CDMenuPro ResourceBrowser has been designed to administrate the menu templates and menu resources and, by selecting a template, enables a project framework to be created in just a few clicks. (read more...)


The download version includes the ResourceBrowser with 10 templates. Because of its size, the template library is not included in the download version in its entirety; it is only available on the CD version. (element5: CD on demand)

New features in Version 3.21

PowerPoint starter
Parameter advances for the PowerPoint Starter. (read more...)

Integration of Intros
CDMenuPro supports the integration of Intros, especially the external IntroCreator application.

New features in Version 3.20

Sound format
mp2 and mp3 sound files are supported additionally by CDMenuPro from version 3.2 and above.

AVI Player
Improved AVI Player featuring Start, Stop, and Rewind buttons.

It's possible to insert a self-created icon file into the exe-file. Once this has been done, the icon will be displayed in Explorer as the program icon and the drive icon, in the Windows task bar and in the Menu's title bar.

New features in Version 3.10

New Menu Objects:

  • Listbox.
    The Listbox object has been developed to enable you to link a larger number of similar documents or programs with the menu. (more...)

  • Popup Menus
    A document or program can be linked to all menu entries. Several pop-up menus can be arranged in a similar way to those typically used by Windows.

  • More tool tip features:
    The tool tip text can be displayed centered.
    Text, images or text and images can be displayed in the tool tip area. (more...)

New features in Version 3.00

Version 3.0 has been completely redeveloped. This new software was developed to improve its performance and make it even easier to use. The Editor has been given a new workspace.

New menu objects are available:

  • An AVI clip can be played in the menu window
  • Positioning of additional image objects (bmp, gif, jpg) in the menu window.
  • New button style: XP Office button
  • New button style: Outlook button
  • Volume control bar
  • The Text Viewer can be integrated into the menu window

Other changes and additions:

  • The following name changes were made as part of the requirements for ISO 9660 certification:
    • "CDMenuPro.exe" changed to "CD-Start.exe"
    • "CDMenuPro.ini" changed to "CD-Conf.ini"
    • "CDMenuPro.ico" changed to "CD-Icon.ico"

  • Due to popular demand, we also changed the start sequence to:
    Loading message, AVI trailer, welcome screen, menu
  • The use of PicturePlayer (an external program for picture shows) has been integrated into the Editor.
  • The PowerPoint Starter has been integrated into the Editor (Business Edition only)
  • The Pdf Starter has been integrated into the Editor (Business Edition only)
  • It's now possible to give each submenu its own title
  • A project report can be displayed or printed
  • A step-by-step tutorial has been added to the help feature
  • It's now possible to start your standard graphics program from the toolbar
  • Windows Explorer can be started from the CDMenuPro toolbar

New features in Version 2.61

Text Viewer 

  • The following tags are now available: H3, H4 and H5.
  • Font size is now displayed in accordance with the font size of Internet Explorer.
  • Business Edition
    It's now possible to add additional files belonging to the submenus into the Resource Compiler.
Online Help
  • MS Html Help Viewer is now used to output the Online Help.

New in version 2.60

  • Business Edition
    Revised Resource Compiler with enlarged memory. more...
  • Supplementary program "PowerPoint Starter". more...
  • Supplementary program "PDF Starter". more...
(The supplementary programs are only available to all registered users of CDMenuPro Business Edition.)

New in version 2.50

  • Project Assistant (Wizard) for creating Menus.
  • Start Center.
  • TextViewer for use on your CD to display text informations.
  • The Editor supports the creation and administration of sub-menus.
  • The Resource Compiler can now accommodate 6 additional sub-menus.
  • Drag & drop interface feature for entry fields.
  • ButtonCreator is linked to the Editor.
  • Improved fileformat for bitmap buttons.
  • Improved Editor operation.

New in version 2.41

CDMenuPro (menu applicaiton)

  • Improved picture rendering with graphics adapter with 16 or 256 colors.
  • Improved picture rendering with picture files with 16 or 256 colors.

New in version 2.40

CDMenuPro Editor

  • Bmp, Jpg and Gif formats can be used for all image files.
  • Enlargement of memory in the Resource Compiler.
  • The Resource Compiler compresses Bmp files for storage.
  • Horizontal and vertical button alignment.
  • Copy-and-paste function available for all menu objects.
  • Adjustable tabulator order for keyboard operation.
  • Each button can be allocated a separate audio file. (Improved sound support)
  • Central style for texts.
  • Tool Tips area can be highlighted.
  • Virtual dive for testing and burning.
  • Brief instructions.

CDMenuPro (menu applicaiton)

  • Bmp, Jpg and Gif formats can be used for all image files.
  • No minimize button on main title bar, in case the desktop becomes obscured.
  • Menu function can be ended using ESC button.
  • Improved sound support.
  • Improved keyboard operation.

Button Creator

  • New additional program for creating individual bit map buttons.