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Check or change the autorun settings

The Autorun-check.exe program has been designed to allow you to check and/or alter the autorun settings on your Windows system. On Windows 95/98/ME, you can change the settings for the CD ROM drives using the control panel. This is no longer possible for Windows 2000 and above. Autorun-check.exe works by displaying the current settings for all Windows systems and offers you the opportunity to make changes or to reset the default settings.

Autorun default settings

The following drives are enabled for autorun in the settings delivered as standard with Windows:

  • Floppy Disk (XP only)
  • Fixed Drive
  • CD-ROM
  • RAM Disk


The Autorun-check.exe program can be downloaded and used for free.

Download  Autorun-check
(autorun-check.exe, 96 KB)

Using the Autorun Check program

You don't have to install this program to use it. Double click on the program to start it. The registry will automatically determine and display the current autorun settings. To enable a drive for autorun, all you have to do is place a tick in the appropriate check box. Now click on the button marked "activate settings". You can reset the standard settings by clicking on the button marked "Default Settings". Reboot the Windows system when you are finished.

Check or change the autorun settings using autorun-check

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