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Create Autorun CD Menu on portable media such as CD, DVD and USB Drive

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Fact Sheet - Overview of Key Features

Program category: CD & DVD autorun menu builders / CD menu creator
Vista: USB Flash Drive Menu Builder *
Description: CDMenuPro has been developed for you to create professional autorun menu applications on CD and DVD without any previous programming knowledge
Applications:Autorun CD & DVDs including files, presentations, brochures, Ebooks, business cards, software distribution, slide shows and job applications
Features: see comprehensive » list of features...
Look & Feel:no limits, can be designed according to your corporate identity
Languages: Editor & instructions: English / German
Your CD menu: any within the 8-Bit ANSI character sets
Special requirements:none
Benefits:easy to use, templates, lots of additional programs, royalty-free viewer (for txt, rtf, jpg, gif, bmp, AVI), comprehensive instructions and help files, support within 24h
Operating system: Win 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP/2003/Vista/Windows7/Windows8
Download: Download the free 30-day trial version » here...

Autorun Autoplay
When a CD or DVD is inserted into the CD ROM drive on a Windows PC, a program is started automatically (in this case the menu application). This characteristic is also known as the "CD Autoplay" or "CD Autostart" function
MenuA program that uses clickable buttons to allow users to start or display other files, documents and programs. CDMenuPro also enables you to integrate the following elements into your menu: Listbox, popup menu, static text elements, embedded text viewer, sub-menus, images, AVI clips, tooltips and sound.
CD MenuThis type of program has been traditionally been known as a CD Menu, but works just as well for DVDs.
* USB Flash Drive Microsoft will be blocking the auto-run function for USB sticks (USB flash drive) for future Windows updates. This is because USB sticks have been used to infect computers with viruses. Nevertheless, it still makes sense to use a menu program for USB sticks and you can read why here: USB autorun
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