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CDMenuPro & KSSW-FrontendMenu

  • Create Autorun CD-Menus for use on CD / DVD.
  • Create Frontend Menus for use on USB-Stick / USB Flash Drive / USB Divice.
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Make an impression with a professional Menu to start your presentation on CD, DVD, USB !

CDMenuPro the Autorun CD Menu Creator  


Autorun / Autoplay CD Menu Creator

» CDMenuPro «

  • Create Autorun CD-Menus for use on CD / DVD
  • Create Frontend Menus for use on USB-Stick / USB Flash Drive
  • Using drag-&-drop interface it's easy to link documents and files
  • Thanks to its project assistants and templates CDMenuPro is easy to use
  • CDMenuPro imposes no limits on creativity
  • Hierarchical menu structure with different menu pages is feasible
  • For all 32-Bit and 64 Bit Windows operating systems.

» Autorun CD Menu Creator «
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KSSW-FrontendMenu the Unicode-capable Autorun CD Menu and USB Menu Creator  


Autorun / Autoplay CD Menu Creator
Front-End Menu Creator
Desktop Menu Creator
Setup Launcher

» KSSW-FrontendMenu «

  • Create an Autostart Menu (for CD and DVD)
  • Create an Autostart Menu for USB sticks and USB flash drive
  • Create a Setup Launcher for your portable storage
  • Create a Desktop Menu for a Windows PC
  • Create impressive CD Business Cards
  • Professional introduction to your presentations, documents, application, product introduction, slideshows, advertisements from your CD, DVD, USB
  • Hierarchical menu structure with different menu pages is feasible
  • For all 32-Bit and 64 Bit Windows operating systems.
  • The KSSW-FrontendMenu Software is Unicode-capable
  • Creates a platform-independent Web Menu (Html Menu) from your existing Windows Menu App.
  • Integration wizards for Pdf-, Html-, Rtf-, Txt- and image files.
  • New menu object: Group-Box
  • Integration wizard for using the Media Players Classic and the Media Players Home Cinema

» Autorun CD Menu - USB Menu Creator «
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Which product should I buy?

With either CDMenuPro or KSSW-Front End Menu, you can create personalized menu interfaces for documents and programs with buttons, pop-up menus and listboxes. The look & feel of the menu interface is fully customizable. In both products, all of the Autostart files for a CD or DVD are prepared for you.


CDMenuPro has been successfully used for several years, and offers the additional object "Avi-Clips" that are not available on KSSW-FrontEndMenu.
--> CDMenuPro


The very common requirement for UNICODE compatibility made the development of a new menu creator software necessary. The product also includes many features requested by user. An additional assistant for linking files enables users with little to no PC experience to link documents to buttons. Furthermore, there are assistants for integrating PDF, RTF, TXT and HTML documents and image files. The integration of the freeware programs "Media-Player Classic" and "Media Player Home Cinema" are supported for the media file playback (video and sound).
--> USB Menu / CD Menu Creator Software KSSW-FrontendMenu


Front End Menu
A front end menu is a user interface for a software application or a device. For example, Windows Explorer is the front end menu for the file system of the Windows operating system. Typical applications are graphical user interfaces for file selection from portable media such as CDs, DVDs, USB-sticks and USB Flash drives. These applications are often called CD menus, DVD menus, autorun menus or autoplay menus. Continue reading...

Look & Feel
The concept of look and feel standardizing the design aspect of the graphical user interface or a website.

Drag & Drop
Drag & Drop is a method of controlling a graphical user interface through the movement of graphical elements using a mouse or pointing device.

Unicode is an international standard for the digital code of every character or text element from all different cultures around the world.